Hi Author,

It's a great day to be a Nooker! Now you have the freedom to write Filipino Fiction Stories or Filipino Sex Stories and earn without the effort of selling your stories. This is the place where you can build your brand, grow your readership, and establish your name as a bonafide writer.

Check out the benefits of being an author in Nooker down below!

Earn thru Advertisements

Who says videos are the only ones that can earn thru advertisements? Here in Nooker, we developed a special monetization strategy where authors can earn on a pay per read process.

Every author will have a specific rate dependent on their level based on the number of Followers and average reads.

Click here to learn more about the different rates and how to qualify them.

Earn thru eBooks

Nooker gives all authors the option to sell their own eBooks in one platform without any sign up fees. 

Need any help in designing your eBook? Nooker can help you with that.

Earn thru Paid Stories

Get a chance to get an exclusive paid contract by Nooker and earn both upfront for submitting a story and for every subscription your story gets.


Enjoy full Nooker support including free book cover designs, marketing, and advertising.


DISCLAIMER: Nooker is not monetizing yet as we are still in the process of building our traffic. We are very new in the industry and yet we have already gained thousands of members and we are rapidly growing every day.

This is the perfect time to become an author in Nooker and establish your name as a writer to build your followers and grow your readership while the qualifications to level up your status as an author and increase your rates are still at the minimum.

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